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Daily Car Hire

from $170/day

Rent a car for a day with DatSamoaCarrentals and discover an immediate solution to various situations. Based on availability, our diverse fleet of vehicles is ready to serve you for a full 24-hour period. Thanks to our selection of cars, DatSamoaCarrentals is always prepared to secure the ideal arrangement for you, whether you're planning ahead or need a last-minute rental. Whether it's for one day or other short-term needs, browse some of our top vehicles on offer below.


Long Term Car Hire

from $150/day

We are pleased to provide long-term rentals at competitive rates for those looking to rent a car for an extended period, ranging from several weeks to months depending on your requirements. 

For extended travel arrangements or when in need of a replacement car, a cost-effective monthly rental from DatCarrental is your perfect solution. Opting to rent with us for a longer duration means the price gets even more budget-friendly, allowing you to enjoy that luxury rental car you've been eyeing without straining your finances. Making it both convenient and economical to prolong your vacation or secure a replacement vehicle.  Along with these appealing advantages, you can count on our personable customer service and a transparent pricing policy with no hidden fees or charges.


Low Budget Car Hire

from $100/day

Save on rental cars by exploring car hire deals with DatCarrental. We offer a wide array of vehicle types to meet your specific needs. We understand some are looking for low budget car hires and DatCarRentals have a fleet of older vehicles for those looking for a cheaper car hire in samoa.